The Nuneaton Academy


The Nuneaton Academy is a mixed school for pupils aged 11 to 16, with specialisms in Engineering and Science. 


Our Vision

Our vision for The Nuneaton Academy is to provide outstanding opportunities for all our young people and 
the community it serves. We are committed to providing the highest standard of education, to driving up standards and using every opportunity to improve the quality of our students’ learning experience and thereby improve their life chances. Learning is important; learning takes place in many contexts both inside and outside the classroom.


Our Mission

We share the Mission of the Midland Academies Trust to "Create Successful Futures" for all our students by adopting our  'No Excuses' ethos and having the expectation for all to "Aspire, Believe and Achieve."


Shared Principles

Our Shared principles are built on the foundation that we passionately believe that "Learning is more than acquiring knowledge to take examinations it is also about learning about ourselves, who we are, how we relate to others and where we fit in to our time and society."

The most recent Ofsted Inspection of the Nuneaton Academy stated that, ‘The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils value the care given to them by all adults in the school. Pupils are met at the school gates every day with staff warmly greeting and welcoming pupils while checking uniform and hurrying them towards lessons. Pupils feel safe in the school and they know they can turn to staff to resolve any concerns they have.

There is a genuine desire and commitment among leaders to develop an inclusive learning culture with high expectations for the achievement of all pupils. These aspirations are evident in discussions with pupils who are highly appreciative of the support they are now receiving.’


Please visit The Nuneaton Academy website for further information.

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