George Eliot School Work Experience

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who completed their week’s Work Experience in May. The whole process starts back in November. Pupils are encouraged to find their own placements and we have been really impressed with the quality of the placements that they have sourced this year. Pupils experienced a wide range of aspirational placements and travelled as far afield as London.

George Eliot is the only Nuneaton school that offers this experience to pupils, even though it is a week of timetable the lessons that are learned through the week could not be taught in a classroom. Pupils engaged with a mock interview day prior to meeting with their employers to build confidence in meeting new people and understanding the correct way of presenting yourself in a formal situation. Many local companies and colleges supported this day as they see the importance of this in the careers development of our young people.

Overall I have been impressed with the mature approach year 10 had towards the whole experience. Those who put the maximum effort in have reaped the reward of a meaningful experience with possibilities of apprentiships and jobs resulting from this.

 Below are just some quotes from employers:


 “One of the best Students we’ve ever had on Work Experience”

“She did that well that we offered her a job for after she finishes School”

“A real credit to the school. Was threw in at the deep end as we were understaffed but proved to be really useful”

We believe the students found this very useful in preparing them for the world of work.

Work Experience GES

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