Sutton Scholars- George Eliot School

On Saturday 9th June Demma and Tommy were at the University of Warwick for their final day of the Year 8 Sutton Scholars programme. Over the last six months they have attended university days where they have had the opportunity to work with members of the Politics department to develop a political campaign. On Saturday they presented their work with their groups to a lecture theatre packed with their peers, parents, teachers and university students and staff. They both did excellent presentations.

In addition to this they have had the opportunity to experience what life is like at university with lectures, seminars and clubs from the university staff and students.

Next year they will progress to the second year of the programme which includes a three day residential on campus before they graduate.

Both pupils and their parents were very positive about the programme and the opportunities they have had to experience life at the University of Warwick.

Sutton Scholars

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