Bushcraft Trip for Nuneaton Academy

 Bushcraft 18th-20th May 2018 

The Academy took 45 students to experience a new outdoor adventure call “Bushcraft”.  The students were split into three tribes and took part in events such as trap making, target sports and “tribes got talent”.  Over the three days the students were allowed to light their own fires, cook their own meals as well as building shelters in the woods should they need to survive in the wilderness.

During a first aid “incident” the students had to “administer” treatment to casualties that had crashed in a plane, however what was worrying was the students’ main focus was rescuing Miss Brookes even stepping on and over Mr Saunt so Miss Brookes could be freed.

Mr Adams found himself caught in a foot trap when the Year 7 students asked him to demonstrate how their trap worked, which resulted with him being soaked with water after being bribed by Ms West to get him wet.

Mrs Blackburn helped the staff tribe secure victory in the archery, however one student’s tribe did manage to score higher that the rest in the axe throwing competition.

Overall the students coped well with sleeping in tents, working together as a team and have forged new friendships with students who they might not have necessarily associated with in school.  On the whole, they behaved impeccably and were a real asset to the Academy as well as the Trust.  With a new partnership being forged with the Bushcraft Company, here’s hoping for the next adventure in 2019.

Bushcraft trip
Bushcraft trip
Bushcraft trip

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